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Alien Labs is devoted to providing the finest quality cannabis flower imaginable. We’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that our customers have access to stellar medicinal products. Our standards are astronomical and guarantee nothing but the best! Alien Labs sets high standards for itself and keeps its cultivation small to give every plant the proper care. With a founder knowledgeable in cultivation and passionate about both medical and recreational cannabis, this business is on the right path. Alien Labs’ team is dedicated to the cannabis lifestyle and strives to serve its California patients with the best products possible.

Alien Lab has managed to combine two powerful strains – Atomic Apple and Xeno 1 – to produce a well-balanced hybrid that gives users the best of both worlds. Put your worries behind you with every puff and benefit from its calming effects. It’s perfect for all-year-round usage!

Agent X from Alien Labs is a 2022 cannabis strain created by crossing two popular strains – Atomic Apple and Xeno 1. It has inherited several other hit combos like Apple Fritter, Triangle Mints, Kush Mints, and Zkittlez. Grown exclusively for Alien Labs, Agent X has a vibrant green appearance with ice crystals and a powerful yet pleasant aroma of fuel, Z, and mint. Its taste follows suit! This hybrid, which is a perfect blend of the different elements, has very robust effects. It gives you an invigorating mental buzz as well as a relaxed physical sensation.